Wineries Out West

Auckland’s Original Wine Country

Welcome to the epicenter of New Zealand’s rich wine heritage. 

In the western reaches of our land, we have a deep affection for wine, a penchant for storytelling, and a genuine desire to share both. These elements harmoniously converge at our neighborhood winery entrances, where you’ll find a hearty welcome, delectable cuisine, and the promise of an exciting new wine journey.

Over a century ago, the very first vineyards were planted in the West Auckland region, marking the genesis of New Zealand’s illustrious wine tradition. This era also witnessed the birth of familial wineries, which cultivated not only vines but a spirit of competition and collaboration. This dynamic gave rise to an enduring culture of exploration and an unwavering devotion to the artistry of winemaking that endures to the present day. We invite you to pay us a visit – our cellar doors are wide open, ready to share our passion for wine and history with you.